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Garden and Plant Care Services



We take care of all the intricate details necessary to see new designs come to life. Working with you, we select just the right plants, the ideal placement for shrubs and trees. We bring everything together in the agreed timelines at the agreed price. Changes? They happen. We work together to ensure that they are painless and minimal. We leave the job site clean after each day and you know when to expect us the following day. Weather plays a part, so we'll keep you up to date if there are any impacts or delays.

Garden Ideas


Frustrated with your gardens? Are your shrubs overgrown and lost their appeal? Does the thought of what was under all that snow leave you discouraged? We will work to a plan that will bring back life and definition to your outdoor areas. We will remove the weeds, prune the overgrowth and add beautiful plants to bring back the visual interest. We will condition your soil by adding healthy organic matter, beneficial microbes, minerals and natural source food for the soil. It starts beneath the surface. Healthy soil = Healthy plants!

Garden Design
Garden Design


Perhaps your gardens and plants are they way you like them. Yet, you don't always have the time to keep them that way. You view your property gardens as a priority and investment in your outdoor enjoyment. We will happily visit on an agreed schedule to maintain the ongoing appeal for your (and your neighbours') enjoyment! We care about the health of your plants, soil and outdoor environment. We approach our work with passion and responsibility and can distinguish what needs doing and when it should be done. 


Are you a seasoned, home gardener who feels you can handle things on your own, but just need someone to talk it over with? We get it. If you have questions on why plants aren't doing as well as you want them to and need skilled direction or advice... call us to book a consultation. We have years of education and experience to support home gardeners when things need some sorting out. We are happy to set up a time answer your questions, provide suggestions and recommendations for all your challenges. Our collaboration is sure to inspire you on how to move forward.


"I wanted to tell you how much we appreciated all your work.  You were always so dependable and all the girls were always so nice - and efficient!  You have a really great business".


Newmarket, ON


"Wow, what a wonderful job.  When I came home, my breathe was taken away. We both just kept looking at the gardens all weekend. Thank you so much and to your great staff". 


Bradford, ON

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