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Garden and Outdoor Design 

Garden Design

It all starts with a phone call. This initial discussion allows us to uncover your unique plant, garden and property challenges. We learn about how you see your gardens being improved. We'll explain our talents, process and initial inspiration.

Ready to meet? A tour of your property and outdoor areas leads to in-depth discussions and we explore both the challenges and the new direction you have in mind.

We ask a lot of questions. More importantly...the right questions, so that the final Design considers every detail. Our aim is to not only meet, but ultimately exceed your expectations for your new gardens and outdoor living enjoyment.


Our process, once retained, is to take extensive photographs of your outdoor areas and use them as the basis for our designs. We inventory your existing plants and take measurements. Back at our studio, we expertly layer images of real plants on those photographs...which provides an immediate and clear visual of what your area could look like with our recommendations.  Our unique approach to Design makes it easy for you to see what your garden/property will look like. 

Clients are amazed at how life-like the Designs are and how immediately they can imagine the end results. 

Landscape Design



Whether you have just one area to enhance, or your entire property needs a plan, we specialize in providing inspiration, creativity and experience to ensure all the many details come together to suit your personal style, landscape and home architecture.



DIRT GIRL Landscape Design
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