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Garden Design and Landscape Consulting

Dirt Girl Landscaping now exclusively designs gardens.


Now in our 16th year of operation, Dirt Girl Landscaping continues into 2023 with our design focus. While previously a provider of fine gardening and plant care services, we now devote our efforts exclusively to Garden Design and outdoor garden, plant and property planning. Dirt Girl Landscape Design is a branch of Dirt Girl Landscaping.


Our passion for, and expert knowledge of plants and all aspects of horticulture shows in every garden space we design... and every project we are called upon to manage.

Years of caring for plants, and creating gardens, has provided us with an unparalleled depth of experience and knowledge. When it comes to designing gardens, we know first hand that while some might look good on paper, the best designs have to translate expertly outdoors. We have years of talent to realize your unique home landscape with our unique approach to design to help you see and understand the intricate beauty, thoroughly, before the digging starts. 

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